Halogen Moisture Analyzer FM-HMA-A103

Halogen Moisture Analyzer FM-HMA-A103

Halogen Moisture Analyzer FM-HMA-A103 is a benchtop designed moisture analyzer which requires users to manually unlock door of heating chamber for analysis. Features a moisture sensor, 40 to 199 °C adjustable drying temperature, 15 different drying profiles or programs stored to memory of analyzer, large intuitive interface, capacity of 1 mg to 110 g and readability of 1 mg. It is a quick and accurate way of determining moisture by Thermogravimetric measurement in which, sample is weighed and heated with an infrared radiator halogen lamp. Loss in weight is continuously recorded plus drying ends once a defined criterion is reached thereby, displays loss of moisture and weight on backlight LCD screen during estimation.

  •  Halogen-heated drying chamber
  •  5-inch LCD display with touch keypad for key functions
  •  Displays test values as percentage of dry weight (%) / Moisture (% m) / the weight (g)
  •  Weighing range: 1 mg to 110 g
  •  Weighing resolution or readability: 1 mg
  •  Moisture content measuring range: 0.00 to 100.00 %
  •  Moisture content resolution or readability: 0.01 %
  •  Adjustable drying time and temperature
  •  Memory stores up to 15 drying profiles
  •  Ergonomically designed pan handle
  •  Stainless steel drying pan is quick and easy to clean
  •  Manual setting for temperature and time
  •  RS232 user interface or port to connect PC or printer

Range 1mg to 110 g
Readability 1 mg
Temperature range 40 to 199°C
Heat source Halogen lamp-2
Pan size 90 mm diameter
Operating temperature range 5 to 35°C
Temperature sensor PT-100
Temperature step 1°C
Temperature setting 40 to 199°C by 1°C step
Time setting 1 to 99 min by 10s step
Auto stop 0.1 to 9.9 % within 1 min
Dry residual range 0 to 100 %
Dry residual readability 0.0001
Moisture range 0 to 100 %
Moisture readability 0.0001
Number of storage data 15
Number of history data 15
Display 5 inch LCD with keypad
Interface RS232
Machine dimension 490 × 360 × 350 mm
Gross weight 7.5 kg

Suitable for the testing and analysis of samples of materials such as wood, pellets, biomass, granules, feed, food products and pastes. Also, designed for food, plastics and chemical moisture analysis.

Accessories no Accessories name Units
1.        Moisture Analyzer Mainframe 1 set
2.        Wind Cover 1 piece
3.        The sample pan holder 1 piece
4.        Tray handle 1 piece
5.        Aluminum sample pan 1 set of 50pcs
6.        100g standard weight 1 piece