Coulometric Karl Fischer Titrator FM-AKT-A100

Coulometric Karl Fischer Titrator FM-AKT-A100

Coulometric Karl Fischer Titrator FM-AKT-A100 is a two chamber electrolysis method of titration for determination of water content in petroleum products, lubricating oils and additives by Karl Fischer reagent. Samples with water content between 1 ppm and 100% are analyzed in single measurement using alternate current polarization method of endpoint detection. Twin platinum electrode and maximum electrolysis speed of 40 μg H2O/s enables fast and precise moisture determination with very simple operation.

  •  240×128 graphics dot-matrix LCD screen touch panel for operation
  •  Built in with standards of ASTM D1533 and ASTM D6304
  •  High precision detector electrode with anti-blocking property marks the end point rapidly and accurately
  •  Multi-language display and print out
  •  Integral high-speed thermal printer along with statistics
  •  Automatic compensation of error by adopting electrolyte blank current and equilibrium point drift compensation
  •  Automatic detecting function for open-circuit fault and short-circuit fault of measuring electrode
  •  Displays data input parameters, sample ID numbers and time/date of analysis
  •  Data storage of 255 data with time mark
  •  Screen protection function: Auto screen off when machine is not in use
  •  User-friendly operations

Method Karl Fischer Coulometric Titration
Measuring cell Two electrolysis measuring chambers
Amount of electrolyzed water 10 ug to 1000 ug
Measurement range 0 to 100 mg
Moisture range 1 ppm to 100%
Precision of electrolyzed water >1000 ug,0.2%
Display resolution 0.1 ug
Display 240×128 graphics dot-matrix LCD screen display
End point detection Alternate current polarization method with a twin platinum electrode
End point indication Visual display/print out
Maximum electrolysis speed 40 ug/s
Drift compensation Automatically controlled
Print format (test result) μg, mg/kg, ppm, %
Data storage 255 data with time mark
Calendar/clock Analysis time and date print out
Maximum power consumption 30 W
Power supply AC 220 V±20%, 50 Hz
Ambient temperature 10 to 35 ℃
Relative humidity ≤ 85%
Dimension 320 × 240 × 150 mm
Net weight 5 kg

Used for assessing water (moisture) content in petroleum and petrochemical products including oils, gasolines, solvents, and fluids as well as other products such as pharmaceuticals and cosmetics.

Accessories No Item Unit Quantity
1 Electrolytic cell bottle(Measuring bottle with 5 openings) Piece 1
2 Measuring electrode Piece 1
3 Electrolysis electrode Piece 1
4 Electrolytic cell inlet sample stopper Piece 1
5 Large glass ground stopper Piece 1
6 Small glass ground stopper (with notch) Piece 1
7 Small glass ground stopper Piece 1
8 Stirrer Piece 2
9 Sample filling device 0.5 μl Piece 1
10 Sample filling device 50 μl Piece 1
11 Sample filling device 1 ml Piece 2
12 Straight drying tube Piece 1
13 Power line Piece 1
14 Vacuum grease Piece 1
15 Electrolyte Bottle 1
16 Printer paper Roll 1
17 Silica gel bead Pocket 1
18 Silicone pad Piece 10