Heating Incubator FM-HI-A200

Heating Incubator FM-HI-A200

Heating Incubator FM-HI-A200 is a microprocessor controlled unit with 42 L chamber capacity and RT+5℃ to 85℃ temperature range. Designed with stainless steel chamber, cold rolled steel with static spray plastic outer body. Equipped with 2 pcs adjustable shelves and temperature controlling parameter with timing functions. Inner glass door aids in observing changes occurring during incubation. Programmable design can set up to 10 segments 100 cycles and automatic adjustable wind speed in accordance to working state. It can be used for incubation and cultivation of moulds and bacterial samples.

  •  Microprocessor control system with LCD display
  •  Stainless steel chamber with adjustable shelves
  •  Temperature control system with microcomputer single chip technology
  •  Alarm system over temperature
  •  Intelligent temperature controller with timing function
  •  Automatically adjustable wind speed according to working state
  •  Equipped with RS-485 interface
  •  Programmable design set 10 segments 100 cycles
  •  Glass window for convenient observation
  •  Motor and fan blade with low noise and good uniformity
  •  Door seal with magnetic nanophase material and heat preserving material
  •  Recovery function at power failure

Chamber capacity 42 L
Shelves 2 pcs (adjustable)
Temperature range RT+5℃ to 85℃
Temperature resolution 0.1℃
Temperature fluctuation ±0.5℃ (37℃)
Temperature uniformity ±0.5℃ (37℃)
Timer range 0 to 99 h 60 min
Stable time ≤ 20 min
Power 300 W
Power supply AC 220 V ± 10V, 50 Hz
Internal dimension 350 × 330 × 350 mm
External dimension 640 × 556 × 505 mm
Gross weight 42 kg

Used in the field of pharmacy, chemical industry, environmental industry, agriculture industry and for scientific research. It finds detailed applications in culturing plants, breeding, preservations, other constant temperature and lighting experiments.

Accessories no. Accessories name Unit
1 Printer 1
2 Shelves 1 Set