Heating Mantle with Magnetic Stirrer FM-DHM-B100

Heating Mantle with Magnetic Stirrer FM-DHM-B100

Heating Mantle with Magnetic Stirrer FM-DHM-B100 is a PID controlled benchtop unit having a capacity of 10 L and a temperature range of ambient to 380°C. Its hemispherical insulation body is incorporated with a Cr20Ni80 alloy wire spring and aluminum silicate cotton. Maximum heat transfer is achieved by having excellent insulation around the cartridge and appropriate flask coverage. It has in-built digital temperature display and different light indicators for power and heat. The casing is made-up of cold rolled steel and painted with anti-corrosive coating, its unique ventilation slots keep the exterior safe to touch during the process.

  •  10 L capacity for round bottom flasks
  •  Built-in PID temperature controlled system
  •  Combines the traditional Electro-thermal heating element with easily controlled solid state stirring
  •  Element temperature range: ambient to 380°C
  •  Stirring is independently controlled with a variable speed control up to 1800 rpm
  •  Durable, anti-corrosive, age-resistant steel stretching housing and spraying exterior which is safe to touch
  •  Fast heating, temperature uniformity and high precise temperature control with inner and outer sensor
  •  LED and Digital screen to display stir speed and temperature
  •  Easy and safe operation with Self-tuning or Translocated button
  •  Flexible heating element ensures minimum risk of flask breakage
  •  Complies with international standards such as UL and CE certification

Capacity 10 L
Temperature control PID controlled system, inner and outer thermocouple
Temperature drift ≤ 0.01% FS /°C (typical 50 PPM /°C)
Temperature response time ≤ 0.3 sec
Thermocouple probe type K type
Temperature range Ambient to 380℃
Temperature accuracy ± 1°C
Stir speed range 100 to 1800 rpm
Stir speed display ± 1 rpm
Stir motor 40 W, DC 20. Brushless motor
Stir Response time ≤ 1.5 sec
Heating Power 2100 W
Machine power 2140 W
Heat material Alkali-free glass fiber
Maximum temperature resistance 450°C
Shell material Superfine metal , anti-aging, anti-corrosion , blue color or white color
Ambient temperature 0 to 50°C
Ambient humidity ≤ 85% RH
Working environment Without corrode and strong electric radiation
Working time More than 8 hour, Continuous
Electromagnetic compatibility (EMC) ± 4 kV / 5 kHz according to IEC61000-4-4; 4 kV according to IEC61000-4-5
Thermal Insulation Glass fiber
Voltage AC 220 V, 50 Hz or AC 240V, 60 Hz
Upper Diameter 279 mm
Dimensions (W × D × H) 440 x 510 x 300 mm
Packaging dimensions (W × D × H) 550 x 550 x 360 mm
Net weight 18.1 kg
Gross weight 21 kg

Used in petrochemical industries, hospitals, college laboratories, agriculture and environment protection institutions for liquid heating, steering and fractional distillation.

Accessories no. Accessories name Unit
1 Stainless steel removable holder (L x D: 500 x 10 mm) 1
2 Clamp with screw 1
3 Inner Thermocouple 4 -spin probe 1
4 Outer PT-100 Thermocouple 4-spins probe with 500 mm length 1
5 Four-finger extension clamp with 400 mm length 1
6 White PTFE coated magnetic stir bar (L x D: 40 x 15 mm) 1