UV Trans-illuminator FM-UVT-A100

Description :

UV Trans-illuminator FM-UVT-A100 made up of durable, high quality metal, is incorporated with 04 UV light filters to produce uniform light distribution. Observation board (non-detachable), adjustable UV blocking shield aids in safe and user-friendly operations. User can take pictures of the object exposed to UV light through normal camera.


    • 302 nm transmission UV wavelength
    • Equipped with a fixed camera port rack
    • Anti- ultraviolet observation window filter
    • Real time observation of sample
    • More intuitive and more safe


Transmission area (W×L) 200×150 mm
Transmission UV Wavelength (midrange wave)302 nm
Reflectance UV Wavelength (short range wave) 254 nm, (long range wave) 365 nm
UV lamp 6W x 10 pcs
UV intensity Ultraviolet intensity of 20 cm away from the sample reaches 20µW/cm2
Visible Light 60 W
Power Supply 220V;50Hz
Package Dimension (W×D×H) 480×395×535 mm
Gross Weight 7 kg


Used in UV light examination, observation and photography of electrophoresis gel across molecular biology, microbiology, medicines, tissue culture and laboratories and institutes.


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