-60°C Chest Freezer FM-CF-B200

Description :

-60°C Chest Freezer FM-CF-B200 is a 485 L unit designed for long term storage of various biological products. Features Microprocessor controller and an adjustable temperature range of -20°C to -40°C with parameters being displayed on a large LED screen. The unit has a high density CFC-free urethane foam insulation ensuring operators and samples safety. Equipped with multiple function alarms to detect high and low temperatures, sensor errors, power failures and controller malfunction.


    • High density CFC-free urethane foam insulation
    • Large screen for easy observation of technical parameters
    • Adjustable temperature range of -20°C to -40°C, convenient operation
    • Multiple malfunction alarms: high and low temperature alarms, over temperature alarms etc
    • Audio and digital flashing alarm with Protection function: start-up delay, shutdown interval
    • Equipped with storage baskets, organized and convenient storage of different samples
    • Heavy duty casters for easy mobility
    • Ergonomic design with safety door lock to avoid abnormal door opening
    • Low noise operation


Capacity 485 L, 17.12 cu.ft
Cooling Method Direct cooling
Defrost Manual
Refrigerant HFC
Ambient Temperature 10°C to 32°C
Temperature Range -25°C to -60°C
Temperature Controller Microprocessor
Noise 53 dB
Compressor 1 piece
Sensor PTC
Display Microprocessor
Inner Material Digital display
Outer Material 304 stainless steel
Power Consumption Cold-rolled steel coated with anti-bacterial powder
Power 7.5 Kw/24 H
Voltage/Frequency 600 W
Current 220 V, 50 Hz
Interior Dimension (W×D×H) 3.05 A
Exterior Dimension (W×D×H) 1455x525x665 mm
Package Dimension (W×D×H) 1670x810x930 mm
Net Weight 1775x900x1050 mm
Gross Weight 122 Kg


-60° Chest Freezer is used to store various biological products across medical institutions, bold banks, hospitals, epidemic prevention centers, research institutes and other laboratories for electronic and chemical plants and biological engineering institutes etc.


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