Portable Brix Refractometer FM-BXR-A109

Description :

Portable Brix Refractometer FM-BXR-A109 is a handheld brix refractometer, offers 0 to 90% of sugar concentration range with 0 to 20°C of temperature compensation. Features high-precision prism with 0.5 minimum scale value, requires small amount of solution. With compact and small size, has HD and adjustable eyepiece with easy-to-read clear scale, ensures convenient and user-friendly operation.


    • A handheld brix refractometer, compact, small and portable
    • 0 to 20°C of automatic temperature compensation, accurate measurement
    • High-precision prism with different low minimum scale value
    • Requires small amount of solution to provide accurate results
    • HD and adjustable eyepiece, convenient operation
    • Bright and easy-to-read clear scale for better observation
    • Focusing screw to adjust focus definition
    • An efficient unit for accurate and repeatable results


Brix concentration range 0 to 90% sugar
Minimum scale value/accuracy 0.005
Scale divisions 0.5%/0.001
Maximum Temperature Compensation 20°C
Minimum Temperature Compensation 0°C
Body Material Aluminum Rubber prism
Dimension 210×90×55 mm
Weight 0.24 kg


Portable Brix Refractometer is used to measure the sugar content of a solution across sugar manufacturing, canned food, fruit juice manufacturing, beverage manufacturing and agricultural production and scientific research centers etc.


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