Automatic Rotary Agitator FM-ARA-A100

Automatic Rotary Agitator FM-ARA-A100

Automatic Rotary Agitator FM-ARA-A100 is a microprocessor controlled, sample agitating device with 15 to 45 rpm adjustable speed. Designed with active sliding door for easy loading and unloading of bottles. Device features electricity insulated flip cover, electricity leakage protection and overload protection for safety of the user. Used during extraction procedure, Toxicity characteristic leaching procedure (TCLP) US EPA Method 1311 and Synthetic precipitation leaching procedure (SPL).

  •  High quality stainless steel design, long service life
  •  Organic glass window to observe bottles rotation
  •  LCD display to view test parameters
  •  15 to 45 rpm, adjustable rotation speed
  •  Upside and downside buckles to perfectly fix sample bottles
  •  Rotation types: - Positive rotation, reverse rotation, positive-reverse rotation, high and low speed rotation
  •  Advance seepage proof micro hole design
  •  First class brake device, 72 hours continuous rotation without problem

Vessel (bottles) loaded 6 pcs
Bottle capacity 2 L
Bottle type PE bottle or Glass bottle
Rotation method (Positive 360° over turn rotations for 2 mins and stop for 5 seconds) (Reverse for 3 min and stop for 5 seconds)
Rotation speed Adjustable, 15 to 45 rpm
Rotation accuracy ± 1 rpm
Display LCD display
Time setting Minute/hour setting, 1-24 hour for alternative, accuracy to minute
Temperature RT to 65°C
Temperature accuracy ± 0.5 °C
Dimension 808 × 530 × 700 mm
Net weight 65 kg
Power 500 W
Power supply AC 220 V, 50 Hz

Used in extraction procedure, solid waste toxicity identification, sample research treatment, environment protection and solid waste disposal.

Accessories no. Name
1 2 L Teflon bottle