Vertical Autoclave FM-VA-B102

Vertical Autoclave FM-VA-B102

Vertical Autoclave FM-VA-B102 is a top loader sterility autoclave with a 75 L capacity, 134°C sterilization temperature and 0.22 MPa working sterilization pressure. Equipped with two stainless steel baskets and indicator light to indicate working status of the sterilization process. It gives auto protection against over temperature & over pressure. The chamber is constructed of long lasting 304 grade stainless steel with superior corrosion resistance property. It is CE certified vertical autoclave.

  •  Microprocessor controlled advanced system
  •  Control panel structured with Digital Display i.e. LCD displays the pressure, temperature, and time setting
  •  Control panel also offers route display and indicating lamp, and operating buttons
  •  304 Stainless steel body with corrosion resistance
  •  Manual / semiautomatic control
  •  Built in safety lid with hand fitted knobs
  •  Automatic steam discharge after sterilization
  •  Beep alarm for shutting off after sterilization
  •  Self-inflated seal type ring to prevent leakage
  •  Auto protection against over temperature and over pressure
  •  Automatic power off for heating element on reduction of a water level
  •  Heater protection sensor
  •  Safety features for pressure and water deficient
  •  Consists of two stainless steel sterilizing baskets
  •  Door lock safety system
  •  Safe, reliable and user friendly operation mode
  •  Comply with strict international directives and standards

Capacity 75 L
Wokring sterilization temperature 134°C
Working sterilization pressure 0.22 MPa
Adjustment of Temperature 105°C to 134°C
Timer range 0 to 99 min / 0 to 99 hr 59 s
Control Precision: Temperature ≤ ± 1°C
Digital display LCD Display
Maximum power consumption 4.5 kW
Power supply AC 220 V 50 Hz
Chamber dimension (Φ × D) 400 × 600 mm
Dimension (L × W × H) 560 × 560 × 980 mm
Packaging dimension (L × W × H) 650 × 630 × 1150 mm
Net weight 70 kg
Gross weight 90 kg

Especially designed for clinical disposal, biochemistry, pharmaceutical industry, health care industry, fertilizer plant, brewery industry, biotechnology, microbiology and scientific research.

Accessories no. Accessories name Basket capacity Basket dimension (W × H) Units
1 Basket 70 L 370 × 250 mm 2