Portable Wine Refractometer FM-WER-A102

Portable Wine Refractometer FM-WER-A102

Portable Wine Refractometer FM-WER-A102 is a wine refractometer, converts refractive index of wine juice or must to sucrose concentration in units of percent by weight, % Brix (also referred to as °Brix), °Oechsle and °KMW. Designed for sugar measurement in wine in the scale of 0 to 190° Oe, 0 to 38° KMW Babo and 0 to 44% Brix with accuracy of 2° Oe, 0.4° KMW(Babo), 0.4% Brix. The sharp, high-contrast scale provides quick and easy readings when testing grapes, citrus fruits, fruit juices, soft drinks, melons and maple sap.

  •  0 to 190° Oechsle range with a ± 2 °Oe accuracy
  •  0 to 38° KMW range with a ± 0.4° KMW accuracy
  •  0 to 44 % Brix range with a ± 0.4 % Brix accuracy
  •  Scales for Oechsle (Oeo), Brix (% Sucrose) and Klosterneuburger (Klo)
  •  Provides quick, accurate readings of dissolved sucrose (Brix), grape must density (Oe°), and grape sugar content (KIo)
  •  Automatic temperature compensation provides accurate readings without correction tables or temperature measurement
  •  Light-weight, portable, includes protective carrying case
  •  Measures concentration of salt and dissolved solids in aqueous solution
  •   Provides reading in parts per thousand (PPT) and specific gravity (SG)
  •  Automatic temperature compensation (ATC) with reference temperature of 20°C
  •  Ideal for on-site measurements in processing and storage areas, or in field

Type Handheld and analogue type
Sugar content range 0 to 190° Oe,
0 to 38° KMW Babo,
0 to 44% Brix
Sugar content accuracy 2° Oe,
0.4° KMW(Babo),
0.4% Brix
Temperature range 0 to 50 °C
Temperature accuracy 0.5 °C
Temperature compensation 10 to 20 °C
Optical prism Optical glass
Material metal, glass and rubber
Dimension 30 × 40 × 210
Weight 0.27 kg

It is an easy to use tool for winemakers for measuring sugar in grapes or must, in the field or in the lab.

Accessories no Accessories name
1.        Carrying box
2.        Screwdriver
3.        Straw
4.        Wipes
5.        User manual