Double Layer Orbital Floor Shaker FM-DFS-A101

Double Layer Orbital Floor Shaker FM-DFS-A101

Double Layer Orbital Floor Shaker FM-DFS-A101 is a microprocessor PID control system with LCD Display. Features orbital oscillation mode, single shaft balance drive and 8 segment adjustable program controller. It comes with 1108 × 740 mm tray size, 30 to 300 rpm shaking speed and 50 mm vibration range. Designed with powder coated steel construction. The unique design of speed monitoring circuit provides long working life under repeated and continuous use. A wide range of platforms available make them ideal for use with culture flasks, bottles and other vessels.

  •  Microprocessor PID control system with LCD display
  •  8 segment adjustable program settings of different speed and time
  •  Powder coated steel construction
  •  Single shaft drive technology
  •  Chrome alloy and iron casting key parts
  •  Recovery function after power cut-off
  •  Over speed acoustic and visual alarm function
  •  Slow start circuit prevent sudden start and liquid splash
  •  Power cut off protection for overheating motor and over temperature
  •  Frequency control system with accuracy ± 1 rpm
  •  Large torque converter motor

Controller PID (Environmental Scanning Microprocessor)
Shaking mode Orbital
Shaking speed 30 to 300 rpm
Shaking accuracy ± 1 rpm
Vibration range 50 mm
Shaking plate size 1108 × 740 mm
Program control 8 segments (adjustable)
Working environment temperature Constant room temperature (indoor)
Drive mode Single shaft balance device
Convection mode Natural convection
Display LCD (simultaneous display of working and set parameters)
Timing range 0 to 999.59 h continuous
Shaking plate quantity 2 pcs
Chamber material Polished stainless steel
External material Steel with powder coating
Safety function Audio and visual alarm for over temperature, alarm for over speed
Power 280 W (250 W converter motor)
Power supply AC 200 to 240 V , 50 to 60 Hz
Dimension (W × D × H) 1270 × 810 × 820 mm
Net weight 400 kg

Used for cell culturing, staining/de-staining and general mixing in microbiology, chemistry, immunology, biochemistry, molecular biology, biopharmaceutical and biomedical laboratories.

Flask specification Standard quantity Maximum capacity
Flask clamp (PCS) 250 ml 96 × 1pier 192
500 ml 60 × 1pier 120
1000 ml - 80
Note: Other sizes listed above can be offered as standard configuration to replace the size with standard quantity alternatively.