Synchronous Thermal Analyzer FM-STA-A100

Description :

Synchronous Thermal Analyzer FM-STA-A100 combines TGA (thermo gravimetric analysis) with DSC (differential scanning calorimeter) to obtain the TG and DSC analysis data in synchronization using same sample during testing. This simultaneous execution of TGA and DSC saves the time and increases efficiency. Intelligent software automatically records TG curve, processing data and prints experimental statements.


    • Built in gas flow meter
    • Temperature range: RT to 1150°C
    • User friendly 24 bit 7 inch touch screen
    • Inertia, oxidation, reduction, static, dynamic atmosphere
    • USB data interface connection
    • Provides high quality reproducible results


Temperature range Room temperature to 1150°C
Temperature resolution 0.1°C
Temperature fluctuation ± 0.1°C
Heating rate 1 to 80°C/ min
Temperature control mode Temperature rise/ fall and constant mode
Constant temperature time 0 to 300 min (adjustable)
Cooling time 15 mins (from 1000 to 100°C)
Weighing range 1 mg to 2 g (can be extended to 5 g)
Resolution 1 µg
DSC measuring range 0 to ± 500 mW
DSC resolution 1 µW
Display 24 bit color, 7 inches LCD touch screen display
Power AC 220 V, 50 Hz


Used to study the physical and chemical properties of a material w.r.t. change in temperature across chemical, pharmacy, petroleum, life science industry.

Test Method:

Method Name Analysis Details
TGA Determines the thermal stability, decomposition, redox, adsorption, free water and gesso content, composition of ingredients
DSC Reads the phase changes, reaction temperature, heat melting, crystallization, heat of combustion, specific heat capacity of a material

Accessories Optional:

Accessories no. Name Details
1 Aluminum Crucible Inner diameter 5 × 5 mm, Temperature < 600°C
2 Ceramic Crucible Inner diameter 5 × 4 mm, Temperature < 1600°C


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